• Keep it simple, keep it effective and keep the operation moving.

    At Ransom, our aim is to take the hassle out of Health and Safety compliance.

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  • Limit your liability

    Ransom Safety Consultants (Pty) Ltd will assist you in minimizing the risk of civil claims. Your business liability is your liability.

    By conducting regular legal compliance audits on your premises and operations allows you to keep careful note of your business’s environment and allows you to identify any shortfalls in your compliance obligations which can then be addressed timeously.

    At Ransom, our aim is to take the hassle out of Health and Safety compliance.

    As employers become ever more cognisant of the intrinsic benefits to both the operation and individual employees of a purpose designed and managed Health and Safety system, allow us to partner with you to create a safe, compliant and efficient operation.

Your business's liability
is your liability

  • About us

    Ransom Safety Consultants (Pty) Ltd was born out of a desire to see zero accidents in a work place. Every employee from the labourer to machinist and dispatch driver to architect deserves to work in an environment where they can feel safe and at ease and thus focus their maximum energy on the important things like furthering their careers, expanding their Companies and inevitably contributing to the ultimate success of our Country through a thriving, busy, and inclusive economy. Ransom Safety Consultants (Pty) Ltd is committed to providing a service which facilitates a zero accident workplace by managing the Health and Safety compliance of your operation effectively and in a reasonably practicable manner.

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