• Health and Safety Consulting

    Our goal is to ensure that all employers understand and adhere to their responsibilities with regard to the OSH Act. For example, many small to medium size business owners are surprised to learn that as soon as their business is a registered entity, they need to be Safety compliant. For SMME or low risk businesses, this is can be a simple and inexpensive exercise – but if it is not in place, you run the risk of falling foul of the law.

At Ransom Safety, we
believe that Health and
Safety compliance is a line
management function.

Ransom Safety Consultants (Pty)Ltd will:

Conduct a detailed

Design your
Health and Safety
Management System

Implement at
your premises

Train your line
management to
maintain the system

Do regular
system health

All safety packages are tailor-made to your business
requirements and budget, whether you are a large
corporate or a smaller owner-operated concern